Osaka Milk Bar


Vinyl Terror & Horror

Had a dream the cute shut in girl across the street called me stupid, gave me a pound of hash and shrooms. Then my brother dropped the hash all over the street.

Looking at the moon and stars is gay

About to drop c tune every guitar up in this piece.

Bastard Noise And Guilty Connector - Decimation Cycle
234 plays
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Today Carlos burned me with a your mom joke, but my mom is dead and he knows that.



From our show at the Bug Jar. This is all but one of the tracks going on the Sordo split.


Two ways I hope I die from is HIV/heroin OD, because of life be shitty and me being a panzi by not helping myself, deserving to die some depressing shit like that or having my skull crushed by a girl with amazing thighs.

PV, to me, is like being little and being told you can be what ever you want to be and do great things, but then you grow up to be whore. Or it reminds me of those high school scene dudes who’s main ride was their moms mini van. Then, before you know it the kid is smoking hash with cholos and if that’s the case heroin would make a lot more sense.

listen to the sounds of the ghetto


I have those same headphones. AKG k240. They’re really good headphones dynamic as shit. None of that obnoxious bass rattle or mid killing dr beats. My AKG are 80 dollars now. Get those and don’t trust the hype.